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Owned micromobility has hit an inflection point over the last few years. In 2021, there were 2X more ebikes sold in the US than EVs. But, much of the industry focus has been placed on new vehicles. I believe that the used/secondary market has a pivotal role to play in the adoption of light electric vehicles and deserves much more attention. The used car market in the US is 2X+ the new car market, and I suspect that a similar pattern will emerge in the micromobility market.

Flywheel is an attempt to develop discourse and a platform for the used micromobility market. In each weekly newsletter, I will curate five of the most interesting used vehicles being sold in major US markets and use them as a medium to unpack the problems, needs, and trends of used micromobility and thereby the greater owned ecosystem.

The used market not only makes micromobility cleaner and more accessible, but it also exposes services that both new and used vehicles need. A better understanding of the used market ultimately matures the entire owned micromobility ecosystem.

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Puneeth Meruva

Investor at Trucks VC | Exploring used micromobility with Flywheel | EECS at MIT