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  • Flywheel | February 6, 2022

Flywheel | February 6, 2022

Featuring the top 5 used vehicles of the week and an exploration of how quickly vehicles are sold in the secondary micromobility market.


Welcome to Flywheel, a weekly exploration of the used side of owned micromobility. Each newsletter will highlight five of the most interesting used vehicles being sold in the market followed by an observation of trends emerging in the industry.

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This week’s featured vehicles are a courier bike, a folding utility bike, a vintage moped-turned-e-bike, a mountain bike, and a performance commuter. The observation of the week explores how quickly vehicles are sold in the secondary micromobility market.

Top 5 Vehicles of the Week

Zoomo’s Rover-500W (MSRP of $1,999) is a rebranded class-2 Magnum Pathfinder that is extremely popular amongst couriers. It’s 20” fat tires combined with a 500W rear-geared hub motor provide a stability and ride-ability that makes city riding very comfortable, especially on damaged bike lanes or in bad weather. This bike is sold by Zoomo and was ridden for 934 miles within their subscription service before being refurbished for resale. Zoomo conducts an extensive 30-point inspection process with all used e-bikes and refurbishes their defects to sell like-new conditions. They also offer monthly maintenance plans on all used e-bikes. Vehicles retired from subscription or shared services will become one of the biggest pools of used vehicle inventory, and usually make excellent second-hand purchases because they are designed for the wear and tear of many riders and significantly more miles than ridden by the average user. Listing can be found here. Thank you to Danielle Castro @ Zoomo for submitting this vehicle.

Rad Power’s RadMini 4 (MSRP of $1,499) is Rad’s folding, portable vehicle that is great for space-constrained riders while using the same 750W hub motor as it’s larger sister vehicles. The vehicle was only ridden for 2 miles and comes with a few accessory upgrades. The seller states that the vehicle is still under full warranty, but similar to the Super73 discussed in last week’s edition, Rad Power’s warranty isn’t transferable unless the seller hasn’t already registered the vehicle with Rad under their own name. Listing can be found here.

The iconic Dutch moped brand meets e-bikes. The seller of this listing converted an original Batavus 50cc gas moped to a street legal e-bike. The powertrain is a 1000W 48V motor that outputs a max speed of 20mph combined with a 48V 14Ah lithium battery for 15-25 miles of range. A unique option for those looking for a retro, vintage ride. Listing can be found here.

The 2017 Specialized Turbo Levo FSR 6Fattie (MSRP of $5,500) is a trail-performance, low center-of-gravity focused mountain bike. The vehicle comes with an upgraded 2020 custom-tuned motor and an intelligently placed battery that is integrated into the M5 frame while still being easily swappable. The battery was inspected and rated at 90%, significantly reducing the risk of high repair costs given that the battery generally makes up a majority of the vehicle’s cost. Listing can be found here.

The EVELO Aurora (MSRP of ~$3400) is a road commuter that is built on a powertrain that Electrek author Mikey G calls “the smoothest bike I’ve ridden.” EVELO has built a reputation of developing e-bikes with a stability and smoothness that make them feel like a natural, supercharged extension of your own body. This is enabled by EVELO’s mid-drive powertrain, which utilizes a NuVinci N360 continuously variable transmission, a Gates Carbon Belt Drive, and a custom designed torque-based motion drive motor with firmware that is deeply integrated with the transmission. Listing can be found here.

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Observation of the Week

How long does it take to sell a used vehicle?

The following is a distribution of how quickly vehicles are sold across major markets on Craigslist, measured by how many days a vehicle listing remains active:

On average, listings sell in ~10 days. Breaking this data down by region allows us to estimate how quickly different markets move. The following is also a distribution of how many days a vehicle listing remains active, but broken down by region:

LA and Seattle are the fastest moving markets, with listings being sold on average in ~9 days. NYC is the slowest moving market at an average of ~12 days. SF - Bay Area clocks in at an average of ~10 days.

The fastest selling brands are Rad Power and Juiced, selling on average in ~6 days.

That’s it for this week. Thanks again for joining, see you next Sunday!

- Puneeth Meruva

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