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  • Flywheel: Introducing the Flywheel Vehicle Values Database | Vehicles from Cake, PWR, Juiced, Lectric, & Yamaha

Flywheel: Introducing the Flywheel Vehicle Values Database | Vehicles from Cake, PWR, Juiced, Lectric, & Yamaha

Introducing the Flywheel Vehicle Values Database & featuring the top 5 vehicles of the week


Welcome to Flywheel, a weekly exploration of the owned and used micromobility. Each newsletter will highlight an observation of trends emerging in the industry and feature five of the most interesting used vehicles being sold in the secondary market.

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The observation of the week introduces the Flywheel Vehicle Values Database. This week’s featured vehicles are a utility emoped, a 2WD fat-tire ebike, a scrambler, a longtail cargo bike, and a road ebike.

Observation of the Week

Introducing the Flywheel Vehicle Values Database

Flywheel analyzes ~1500 used micromobility vehicle listings on a daily basis to collect data around the residual values of some of the most popular brands and models in the market. As you may have noticed, every featured listing on each week’s newsletter lists some of this information (i.e. vehicle model’s average resale price) in the listing image’s caption.

In an attempt to make this information more accessible and easier to use, I’m excited to introduce the Flywheel Vehicle Values Database, a central location to get the market standards for how much a used micromobility vehicle should be worth. Think of it as the Kelley Blue Book for micromobility.

You can scroll through the database by brand to find overall metrics for their entire vehicle lineup, or you can click on a row to view Flywheel Vehicle Values for that brand broken down by model.

The Flywheel Vehicle Values Database currently contains data on ~150 brands and ~280 models, and will consistently grow to include additional brands and models as Flywheel analyzes more and more used vehicle listings. If there’s a specific vehicle you’re looking for that is currently not included in the database, you can click the “Can’t find a Brand or Model?” button to submit a request and Flywheel will begin tracking it.

Over time, this tool will evolve to include more of the 70+ parameters Flywheel tracks on a daily basis for micromobility vehicles, everything from pricing by vehicle condition to reviews and resources.

Check out the Flywheel Vehicle Values Database at rideflywheel.com/flywheel-vehicle-values.

For more observations and resources on owned and used micromobility, check out rideflywheel.com/resources.

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Top 5 Vehicles of the Week

The Cake Makka Flex is a commuting-focused emoped with an industrial “Ikea-chic modern design style.” It’s the cheapest and most agile vehicle the Swedish high-performance and high-utility emotorcycle manufacturer has produced to date, and is designed to be a mainstream affordable option that is practical for the average city commuter. Its powertrain features a 60Nm, 1.55kW rear hub motor with regenerative braking and a 1.5kWh removable battery pack, giving the vehicle a top speed of 28mph. The Makka doesn’t even bother with the pretense of pedals as most other scramblers with similar speeds do, and as such is controlled entirely by throttle. This classifies it as a “motor-driven cycle,” so riding the Makka would require an automobile driver’s license in most US states. For those looking for a version that wouldn’t require a license in most US states, Cake also offers the Makka Range, which has a top speed limited at 15mph. Cake even offers a Makka :work edition for those looking for more commercial applications, which features stronger carriers and better range to haul even more cargo and tools. As with all Cake vehicles, the Makka is extremely utility minded and designed to be a “smart configuration platform”. It comes with a series of mounting points to configure your emoped with an endless combination of accessories, everything from a rear seat for a second adult passenger to various cargo boxes and windshields. With a weight of 154lbs and a 47.64” long wheelbase, the Makka is considerably larger than most scramblers in the market and somewhat bulky. However, particularly when traveling at 28mph speeds, this extra weight and body helps give the vehicle a safer, more planted feel. The vehicle’s front and rear suspension, as well as its beefy motorcycle tires, also help furhter tame the vehicle’s heft and make it feel more comfortable. Most of the Makka’s intelligence sits within the CAKE Connect App. In addition to basic performance tuning, this app includes anti-theft locking and tracking, remote diagnostics, and service reminders/checklists. This listing is brand new and its ownership/warranty can likely be transferred to the new owner by contacting Cake. Listing can be found here.

The PWR Dually is a class-2/3 2-wheel drive (2WD) fat-tire ebike and the nascent brand’s flagship vehicle. PWR was founded by HLC, one of the largest bike parts distributors in the US. So, although the Dually is sold D2C, HLC’s massive number of partnerships with bike shops creates a service network for the Dually that is as vast as those of competing dealer-network ebikes. The Dually’s powertrain features two 60Nm hub motors and a 696Wh battery pack. It even has a dual motor traction control system (inspired by AWD SUVs) that intelligently controls the power to the front and rear wheels to maximize grip and prevent the vehicle from slipping or sliding. As many existing owners of the Dually remark, this feature works extremely well and is a great addition to the vehicle that makes its power easy to manage, even for newer riders. Lastly, the Dually also has a front suspension fork and large 26” by 4.25” fat tires that augment the powertrain and make the vehicle float and grip on aggressive terrain. 2WDs are extremely rare on fat-tire ebikes and are an incredible feature in low traction situations, whether on off-road trails or just on steep urban hills. Particularly when loaded with cargo, this is an unbeatable feature for outdoor adventuring. This listing has a mileage of <200mi and comes pre-installed with lights, fenders, a horn, a kickstand and a rear rack. Learn more here.

The Juiced CityScrambler is a class-2/3 scrambler optimized for urban settings. Juiced is one of the mainstays of D2C ebike brands and the 9th most popular micromobility brand in the secondary market. The CityScrambler is their best selling model, and is designed for mass market city riders. Its powertrain features an 80Nm Bafang geared rear hub motor and a 676Wh custom battery pack, allowing riders to hit 20mph with the throttle and 28mph with the pedals. However, the pedals are uncomfortable to use and really just installed as a legal loophole to classify the CityScrambler as an ebike, so most people typically just ride with the throttle. For those that want to take their CityScrambler off-road or off the bike lane and use the throttle for speeds faster than 20mph, Juiced does sell a throttle upgrade kit that replaces the street-legal controller with a higher power one. As a city-geared offering, the CityScrambler has 20” slick tires vs. the knobby tires of its sister vehicles to be as efficient as possible when riding on pavement. Combined with the front suspension fork and fat tires, these slicks make the vehicle surprisingly agile even though it weighs a hefty ~80lbs. CityScramblers are currently sold out online, so this listing with a mileage of only 483mi is a great way to get your hands on one in great condition with no wait. Listing can be found here.

The Lectric XPedition is a budget class-2/class-3 longtail cargo bike and arguably the best affordable minivan-replacing ebike on the market. Featuring an 85Nm rear hub motor, a 672Wh battery pack with an optional dual-battery setup, and an industry-leading 450lbs payload capacity, the XPedition has plenty of power to comfortably haul cargo or even a second adult passenger. Despite only having a cadence sensor, the XPedition delivers pedal assistance almost as smoothly and intuitively as ebikes with torque sensors. This is due to Lectric’s new “Pedal Assist Wattage Regulation” controls schema, which maximizes performance/Wh by throttling pedal assisstance by power instead of speed. Lastly, Lectric has done a great job making sure that the XPedition is ready for cargo hauling right out of the box. Not only is it shipped fully assembled, it also comes pre-installed with a rear rack, rear cushions and running boards, lights, and other accessories that more expensive longtails often don’t include. Lectric has had a rapid ascent to being one of the most popular ebike brands in the US, growing from ~8K ebikes sold in 2019 to ~150K ebikes sold last year. In addition to being ultra-affordable, their ebikes are very reliable and the company provides far better customer support for maintenance than any other budget ebike brand. This listing is practically brand new with only 4mi on the Odometer, and comes with a dual battery setup and Lectric’s rear-passenger package. Listing can be found here.

The Yamaha Civante is a class-3 road ebike and the highest power/speed ebike Yamaha sells in the US. Its powertrain features the highly reviewed 70Nm Yamaha PWSeries SE mid-drive motor and a 500Wh battery pack. The PWSeries SE mid-drive stands out because of its triple sensor pedal assist system, which measures torque, pedal cadence, and vehicle speed to provide an extremely natural and smooth pedal assistance. Yamaha systems aren’t as common as those from ebike giants like Bosch and Bafang. However, due to their smart pedal assistance system as well as Yamaha’s best-in-class reliability, Yamaha powertrains are still more than excellent options that many bike shops recommend. Ultimately, the Civante is a high-value vehicle that is affordable yet compromises almost nothing in performance. In fact, despite having similar performance specs to sport ebikes from competing brands like Giant or Specialized, the Civante costs less than many D2C commuters. This listing is brand new and sold by Denver bike store Crowley Cycles, so it would technically be eligible for Denver’s ebike rebate program. It would even come with a full warranty, so this listing is an amazing opportunity to get an unused Civante for ~$425 less than MSRP. Listing can be found here.

That’s it for this edition. Thanks again for joining, see you next week!

- Puneeth Meruva

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