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Flywheel: Used Bosch ebikes | Vehicles from OKAI, Electra, Yamaha, CSC, & PEGASUS

Exploring the performance of used Bosch ebikes in the secondary market & featuring the top 5 vehicles of the week


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The observation of the week explores the performance of used Bosch ebikes in the secondary market. This week’s featured vehicles are a rugged commuter, a comfortable cruiser, a performance gravel ebike, a mid-market longtail cargo bike, and a sporty urban hybrid ebike.

Observation of the Week

The performance of used Bosch ebikes in the secondary market

Bosch is consistently referred to as the gold standard for ebike powertrains, and vehicles with Bosch systems dominate the market. Due to Bosch’s reliability, quality, and massive service network, many experts suggest that riders buy an ebike with a Bosch powertrain, for both new and used, even if it stretches their budget. Let’s put some numbers behind some of these claims and see how Bosch ebikes really stack up in the secondary market.

28.63% of used ebikes listed on Craigslist since Jan 2022 have a Bosch powertrain. Breaking it down by region, it’s clear that Bosch is very well, if not disproportionately, liked in the SF - Bay Area:

Since Jan 2022, there were 4.6 times as many Bosch ebikes listed in the SF - Bay Area vs. NYC, and 2-3 times as many listed in the SF - Bay Area vs. LA or Seattle. This comes as no surprise given that the Bay Area is a first-mover market for ebikes in the US that leans towards high-end premium bikes.

The average mileage of a used Bosch ebike is 466.21mi. This is considerably higher than the overall average used ebike mileage of 342.37mi, but frankly still not that high given the miles and charge cycles ebikes (especially Bosch ebikes) are rated for.

The average price of a used Bosch ebike is $2,730.59 while the overall average price of used ebikes is almost ~$1K less at $1,846.74. This is as expected given that Bosch powertrains are premium powertrains found on high-end ebikes.

That being said, although many point to Bosch ebikes as the best vehicles to buy or sell used due to their reliability and repairability, they don’t necessarily perform that differently from the average used ebike on the secondary market. Used Bosch ebikes sell in ~22 days, and are listed on average for 24% or $771.26 less than MSRP. This is mostly the same as overall market averages.

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Top 5 Vehicles of the Week

The OKAI Stride is a class-2/3 budget commuter by shared micromobility giant OKAI. OKAI has long been the contract manufacturer supplying vehicles to many of the most popular shared services (i.e. Lime and Bird), and if you’ve ever ridden a shared micromobility escooter or ebike, you’ve likely already ridden an Okai vehicle. The Stride is Okai’s first consumer ebike. Its powertrain features a 65Nm Bafang rear hub motor and a 500Wh battery pack with automotive sized (21700) LG cells, giving riders high-quality yet affordable componentry and a a real-world range of 25mi for throttle-only riding. The Stride also has surprisingly sporty handling despite its more relaxed step-through frame. While its software is fairly simple, features like its NFC fob that let you lock/unlock the vehicle and turn on/off the anti-theft system with a quick tap of the key make the Stride a competent urban vehicle. Okai has a history of building solid, maintenance-free vehicles that can withstand the wear and tear of shared fleet use, and the manufacturer has done a great job bringing this expertise to bear on the rugged Stride. This listing is brand new and sold by Seattle power sports dealership WolfPack. Listing can be found here.

The Electra Vale Go! 9D EQ S is a class-3 cruiser with performance better than that of most commuters. Electra is a brand that has become the standard for electric criusers, and their ebikes are consistently some of the most popular and reliable vehicles on the market. The 9D EQ S’s powertrain features a 63Nm Bosch Performance Line Sport mid-drive motor and a 500Wh Bosch PowerPack. Its frame is optimized for comfort, as suggested by its large tires, suspension seat post, soft finishings, and Electra’s “flat foot technology,” which is essentially a frame design with upright seating and slightly forward positioning of the pedals that allows riders to stand with their feet planted flat on the ground during stops. The 9D EQ S is an upgrade to the now discontinued 9D EQ, which was a weaker class-1 cruiser with a smaller 50Nm mid-drive motor. Electra is a subsidiary of Trek, and as such has access to the massive servicing network of one of the big 3 bike brands (Trek, Giant, and Specialized). This listing is brand new and being sold by Bay Area bike shop The Bike Connection. The Bike Connection offers 1 year of complimentary service (two free tune-ups and unlimited adjustments) and other optional extended warranty and accessory packages. This listing is a compelling option that is equally well suited for cruising or daily commutes/errands, and is being sold at a sale of $550 below MSRP. Listing can be found here.

The Yamaha Wabash RT is a class-3 performance gravel ebike. Its powertrain features a 70Nm Yamaha PWSeries ST mid-drive motor and a 500Wh Yamaha battery pack. The Wabash RT is actually one of the first Yamaha ebikes to use their highly anticipated PWSeries ST mid-drive motor, which has been rated highly by the industry due to its power/torque output, quiet sound, and intelligent motor controller that determines pedal assistance by measuring cadence, torque, wheel speed, and vehicle angle. This vehicle is a trail cyclist’s dream, and its aggressive frame and dropper seat post give riders the perfect positioning and ultra-agile handling no matter what kind of trail you’re on. The Wabash RT is an upgrade to the Wabash. Although it costs ~$700 more than its predecessor, it features much higher-end componentry (i.e. motor, transmission, and brake components). This vehicle is perfect for avid sports cyclists that can appreciate the top of the line parts it offers, and want a versatile ebike that is equally comfortable on all sorts of trails and even the occasional city ride. This listing, sold by Denver bike shop Crowley Cycles, is brand new and comes with a 3 year warranty. Listing can be found here.

The CSC Vista Cruiser is a class-2/3 longtail cargo bike. CSC is best known for their affordable motorcycles, but they began expanding into ebikes in 2020. They started off with off-roading fat-tires, and have since launched more utility focused ebikes like the Vista Cruiser. The Vista Cruiser’s powertrain features an 80Nm Bafang rear hub motor and swappable dual Panasonic battery packs with a combined capacity of 1368Wh. This gives the vehicle a 440lb payload capacity and plenty of power to carry a second adult passenger. The Vista Cruiser is very easy to maneuver while still having excellent handling because of its frame, which combines a low standover height of 22.5” with standard 27.5” size bike tires. It also is ready for cargo hauling without needing many additional accessories and comes standard with integrated lights, a rear rack, and running boards. CSC ebikes are interesting mid-market options that are almost as affordable as budget ebikes but still come higher-end parts and access to a large maintenance network. A few previous customers have complained about the difficulty of assembling the Vista Cruiser, so this listing for a pre-assembled Vista Cruiser that is virtually new (mileage of 56mi) and has ~7 months of warranty remaining is a great option. Listing can be found here.

The PEGASUS PREMIO SPORT is a class-1 urban commuter with an aggressive hybrid/road bike rider positioning. It’s Pegasus’s most affordable entry-level model, and is much lighter (~6.5lbs less) than its sister vehicles due to its smaller motor and transmission. The PREMIO SPORT’s powertrain features a 50Nm Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor and a 500Wh Bosch PowerPack, and is paired with a Shimano NEXUS INTER-8 internally geared hub transmission. Its motor controller is quite sophisticated, and measures pedal pressure in addition to pedal cadence, pedal torque, and wheel speed to incorporate shift detection and help protect the transmission. The vehicle also comes with integrated fenders, a rear rack, a front suspension fork, and a suspension seat post so that it is ready for urban riding right out of the box. While the PREMIO SPORT is considerably more expensive than the average commuter, it comes with a premium powertrain and a larger service network than most of its competitors. This listing is in like-new condition (Flywheel estimated mileage of ~185mi), has always been stored indoors, and was purchased only two years ago. Listing can be found here.

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- Puneeth Meruva

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